Faces Places Spaces

2013 (28 May 28 – 02 June 02) Faces Places Spaces, More Arts, 43C Peach street, Empty shops Gallery, Wokingham, UK

My solo exhibition Faces Places Spaces came as a natural and expected continuation of the project in Switzerland which, in a way, was telling the story of my move from one country to another-Bulgaria to UK. It is more than exciting that my paintings somehow   ”predict” my future. The image of a ship/boat-like forms suddenly had started to appear a year and a half before I moved to the UK and Noah’s Ark became a favourite symbolic figure to me. Then, here in UK, everything  went on its right place and new images emerged – birds, dragons, faces of people  and…. through space through fire composition.

View to the exhibitionFaces Places SpacesMore Arts gallery

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