The Crusade in-between Realities

2011-The Crusade-in-between Realities

/ Feat. Teodora Nitsolova –video, prints, drawings/

Putting together “The Crusade in-between Realities” exhibition has been an ongoing project for the last couple of years. Various media have been used- drawing, print, collage, video installation, oil painting, photography. In this labyrinth-like space of intertwined realities and past and future journeys the crusade concept rules each art work. References to different cultures and historical realities, places and nationalities, have been used intrepidly while interpreted through a personal and emotional view of the world. The crusade is travelling which alternates the reality, tears down boundaries and opens up new spaces within and without us. Art copies life, life copies art, and eternity peeks in between them. Realising that, in the end, the places we have visited will never be the same but will continue to exist as illusionary worlds in us.


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