Talented AF 2017


I will be  showing  works on canvas and paper at #talentedAF2017.

They are created in the past two years and focus on human contacts and relationships,the journeys we make, and the stories we create.The figurative and abstract meet in a multilayered  unreal world, based on familiar faces and neighbourhoods.

I am looking forward to the event! I hope everybody will enjoy the experience!




Perspective of figurative

Abstract is arguably the opposite of figurative –  when nothing reminds you of familiar objects; no referrals to bodies, faces,buildings, flowers, birds..

The above qualifies it as a merely impossible ground to play on, a fragile area to endure.

Even a simple line, vertical and thicker at the top,and thinner at the bottom end, brings associations of  a human, passing at a distance. Add a dot, draw a tiny arch,a horizontal line..The narrative jumps on -sea shores, boats, lonely Noah, or Odysseus who is returning.

One of my drawings from the series “Motherhood” was exhibited in the group show ‘perspective of the figurative”, at 5th Base Gallery,Heneage St., in London, in May 2016.triptyhmotherhood

Sotto Voce Arts festival

“And yet it moves” Galileo Galilei- the early 17th century astronomer quote has been taken as a starting point for discussions, collaborations, exhibitions and various events to celebrate the creativity, experiment, the power of the open mind and the importance of questioning, thinking, being brave and having opinion.

The 2nd part of the exchange between artist from South East England with artists from South east of Italy will take place between 12.07 and 26.07. 2015.

With the musical, theatre events,and workshops, comes a large exhibition which will happen at St.Mery in the  Castle, and at the Robertson street, Hastings.

Being one of the artists in residence I am looking forward to the project to start next week.Replicas: The journey

Diaries:Day and Night

The small size mixed media drawings have been gradually finding their space, and time in my practice.A few of them assembled themselves into the Day and Night series of five and were on display at the Keep, Reading, during the Open Studios  annual OHOS members exhibition ” Desire lines”, May, 2015.

The form of an artist’s book, so often used to trace the artist’s working process, still has a finished, “closed” moment and ,for me, misses the infinity and to an extend, the spontaneity.When I put my thoughts, emotions and tribulations on a randomly found piece of paper I feel relaxed and free.On the other hand, they may develop,”organize” themselves into larger works, in various diminutions, shapes and forms.They also may win their modest space, spread, “squeezed” and informally displayed among larger and more substantial work of art in a gallery space. They can just lie on the table,”sleep” in a drawer and awaiting their moment to be felt, touched and their incredible story may be heard. Their informal, casual, easy going character of a note, allow the spontaneous use of any material -from white notepad sketchbook, to coloured cardboard, discarded old drawings, old vinyls,found images.   Diaries:DayDiaries:Night

Immy-scientist and artist -on my artworks

25 January 2014

Ivilina Kouneva; fleeting figures and the observer effect

Ivilina Kouneva is a Bulgarian-born artist who is currently part of Reading’s Open Hand Open Spacestudio community. Her work is fluid and alive with colour, full of seemingly moving figures, who appear and disappear, depending on the position and angle of the observer. Three of Ivilina’s large mixed media works on canvas are shown below, and I hope illustrate this effect.

[no title]

Scientifically, the words ‘observer effect’ may refer to several different phenomena, but in general refers to changes in an observed system brought about by the act of observation. I like to imagine to myself that in some way the figures in Ivilina’s works are fleeting, subject to their own form of observer effect…

‘In Between Realities’

…Or perhaps the act of observing them changes our perception.

“The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.” – Bertrand Russell

‘Through places and spaces I’

Introduction by the Artist

Art copies life, life copies art, and eternity peeks in between them. Realising that, in the end, the places we have visited will never be the same, but will continue to exist as illusionary worlds in us.

I think there is no ‘bad’ artwork, but only boring.

I believe creativity is the greatest blessing and, when we paint, draw, build, install, sculpt or join pieces of paper together, we recreate the world again, and again…

My Works: They tell stories. Sometimes one may need time to decode them. Different layers inspired by real and unreal and created with imagination comprise the fragile balances of the complicated compositions. What does better represent the world we live in than fragile and changeable? My works are about the adventures we undertake, the invisible doors we open, the stories we create and the emotional reconnection of the environment with our feelings and experience.

Process of working: Paste it don’t bin it, please.  Discarded drawings and paintings, as long as they provoke new ideas and compositions are always welcomed.  I usually build a colourful and rich background with different textures. I may use hand pulled mono prints, scratches, graffiti type of images, fresco techniques till gradually a figure or an object emerges. The variety of techniques and the “rough” collage texture give an inevitable sense of the contemporary 21st century world –more representational than any realistic copy.

Light and Space: Whatever I draw or paint, I always “chase” the Light. The Glorious light which deconstruct the objects and shape new spaces.

Colour: When I was 5, I was told by my firs Art teacher at my first Art courses, that I may paint the hair red and the face green as long as I see the person this way. That is how a very young expressionist was born. Much later, in the university, in the painting department of the Fine Arts Faculty I learned how to “sculpture” objects and figures with colour. However, I have always kept  my strong urge to add “my touch” and splash more colour to the traditional etude. After four years of devoted everyday live painting and drawing when we explored to death every opportunity of the lying sitting and standing figure I moved away. I gradually built my own style – a truly good student of my first teacher, a really creative artist.