Ivilina Kouneva’s work is based on events and places which have emotionally marked her journey. It may express  fragility and the search for safety in a complex environment of forking paths and colourful narratives. Kouneva is interested in the endurance of the image on different surfaces and places – from luxury and fine, to disused, dismissed and abandoned. With major interest in painting, in her recent works, she has rather been looking to “record” and experience the process than to settle for the finished product.

 Kouneva takes on wide range of legends, works of Art and books, using themes and pin up images, which have been stored in our collective memory. She aims to create fresh stories with contemporary meaning.


Born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria
 Lives and works in East Sussex and North Greater London, England
MA Fine Arts -Painting Department of the Fine Arts faculty, obtained teacher’s training ,”St.St Cyril and Methodius”, University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
Aworded Certificate of Competence for independent trainer in business and career related matters for visual artists, after her participation and  apprenticeship in the ABC Bulgarian-Netherland project (2003-2004)


Solo and two- person exhibitions (2010 –  )


Every Story Tells a Story / 2018, August-September/, The Brock Keep, OHOS,Reading, UK
Paintings and works on paper /2015, March -April/ Fleet Gallery,St.Leonards-on-sea, E.Sussex,UK
Faces Places Spaces /2013,June/ More Arts, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK
Different /2012, June/ -joint show at Art-house galerie& Kunstforum ,Thun, Switzerland
The Crusade -In-between Realities– /2011, March/- joint project, Humour house, Bulgaria


Group shows and participations /2010 – /
Chameleon: Contemporary Colour Exhibition – /2019/ – Serface Gallery, Nottingham, UK
Rituals and Rites – /2018/- Artcore Art Gallery, Derby, England
Imago – /2018/- The Brock Keep,OHOS, Reading, England
Painting Open – /2017/ – Noformat Gallery, London
Abundant Muted Unrefined – /2017/ – Hundred Years Gallery, London
Talanted Art Fair – /2017/ – Elly’s Yard, Bricklane, London
Fire&Water– /2016,May/ – OHOS members open studio’s exhibition, Reading
Perspectives of the figurative-/2016, May/-5th Base Gallery,Heneage St, London
Spring show – /2016,April-May/- Fleet Gallery, St.Leonards,E.Sussex,England
Transitions -/2016,April/ -Menier Gallery, Southwark, London
In-between Out there & Beyond – /2015,July/finale exhibition of Soto Voce arts festival, England
Desire Lines- /2015, May/ – Annual show of OHOS members, the Keep,reading,UK, “Diaries”
New grounds-/ 2014,May -September /-REME Museum of Technology, Arborfield, Berkshire ,UK with “Looking through” installation of objects, prints, photography and paintings
Hanging tough– /2014,May/ -Annual show, part of Open Studios Events – OHOS, The Keep, Reading
Test Pieces -/ 2014, April/, The Keep, OHOS, Reading, linked with New Grounds exhibition
The Yellow Suitcase Exhibition –/2013, October/, Reading, UK,interactive installation
Romeo and Juliet /2013, September/-themed exhibition, Reading, UK
Outlook Changeable – /2013, May/-group exhibition at OpenHand OpenSpace, The Keep, Reading
INSIGHT 2013 – /2013, May/- Open Studios flagship exhibition, New Greenham Arts, Newbury,UK
Constanta, Romania-/2012, December/ – installation of three paintings
Group exhibition at the Swiss council in Sofia, Bulgaria -/2011,November/
INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE IN THE ARTS -/2011,May/ Bulgaria- selected in category Painting
Residencies /2016-2010/
Sotto Voce Arts festival – /2015, July/– cultural exchange between South East of England and South East of Italy, dedicated to Galileo Galilei and other philosophers of 16the century, Hastings,England
Different -/2012, May-June/ – cultural exchange Switzerland -Bulgaria, Thun, Switzerland
Borderless -/2011, September/ – Arts near the border foundation with other visual artists from Switzerland, Surnino, Bulgaria
Selected shows and projects /2010-2000/
2006 – ‘Eden–Adam and Eve ‘– /Solo exhibition/ ,House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo
2004 – ‘The things we never say’-/Solo exhibition/,House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo.
2001 – ‘Fragile balances’- /Solo exhibition/, Matea Art Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo.
2000 – “The towers”-/Solo exhibition/ -Stalbata Art Gallery, Sofia.
1997 – 2011 –INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE IN THE ARTS /IBHSA/ Gabrovo; Painting and Drawing categories.
2000 – 2011– Annual National Art Teachers’ exhibition, Veliko Turnovo.
2004 – Balkan Quadrennial of Painting– “Myths and Legends of my People”, St.Zagora, Bulgaria
2004 – Exhibition at Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia (Completion of ABC Project for Visual Artists).
2003 – National exhibition Water techniques, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2003 – National Exhibition Drawings and small sculptures, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia
2000- The towers – solo show – “Stalbata” Gallery, Sofia,Bulgaria
Awords and recognitions
The best visual artist in the region – awarded in 2001 and 2011 , Bulgaria, the region of Gabrovo
Selected for the Saatchi Art  online collection “One of a kind” (2013, October)

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